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Morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snacks are served by CFCC. You will need to provide food items, if your child does not eat from our menu.

Outdoor Play

Children will have the opportunity to play outside as long as weather permits. Please dress your child accordingly. All children are expected to go outside. If they are too sick to go outside, then they are too sick to be at CFCC. We will go outside with temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees.

Rest Time

The state requires that there be a quiet time each day for the children who want to nap. They are required to be in a reclined position for one hour.


The parents must provide formula/breast milk, baby food, diapers and baby wipes. If your child runs out of any items needed, you will be notified. All children should have a blanket, crib sheet, an extra change of clothes. Please label everything.

Clothing/Personal Belongings

Children need to be in closed-toed, skid resistant shoes. Shoes with heels (boots, dress shoes) are not conducive to play on the terrain of our playground or for stairs. Tennis shoes are recommended. CFCC is not responsible for the loss of personal items. Toys brought from home are prohibited unless the class is having share day. Please label everything.


Bible Time

As a Christian child care committed to the Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ, our teachers read and teach the Bible and involve the children in Christian songs, prayer, and teachings about Jesus. 

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